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Who are we ?

We are an international financial and banking advisory firm that is incorporated in the United Kingdom, we specialise in the provision of Derivative, Collateral management and Clearing consultancy services to Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Fund Administrators, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Corporates and Custodians

Our Philosophy

At Chromozome we strive to understand our clients so as to be able to build long-term relationships and help enhance their businesses


The professional 'fit' must be right

At Chromozome we believe we can best serve our clients by first developing a sound understanding of both them and their business so as to ensure our professional advice and actions can be tailored to the task.

We have limited time and resource and we very much respect the fact that our clients do too. Both need to deploy resources efficiently. We therefore avoid assignments and mandates where there is no comfortable professional ‘fit’.

We apply ourselves only in those cases where we clearly see we will add value and are confident in meeting the goal. With this approach, we grow our base of success with satisfied clients which we consider to be our most valuable asset.


Close Cooperation

At Chromozome we think long, not short-term. We look to build close relationships with clients whose business benefit from having us work 'alongside them', not only 'for them'. Leveraging our extensive expertise gained through working in and with the markets leading Investment Banks, Buy side organizations and Industry utilities we are able to offer our clients a unique value proposition through a combination of financial product and functional expertise supported by tried and tested consulting competencies.

We add value for our clients in a multitude of ways. We bring not only focused financial and banking advisory expertise, we work to help shape the business itself so as to maximise operational efficiencies.

This, in our view, is the best way for our clients to get the really tailored and effective support they need.

Reaching markets

Chromozome is based in the major international business hub of London. It’s from this strategic centre that we work across Europe, US and Asia.


Project focused

At Chromozome we actively support and engage with selected clients and their businesses, not restrict ourselves to specific sectors.

Our team are experienced subject matter experts who have many years’ experience within the industry. They come from a range of backgrounds and most are well known within the market as Collateral Management, Clearing and Derivative subject matter experts

Being backed by a professional team with broad experience we are fortunate in having the luxury of being able to work on selected assignments across multiple locations where the clients and assignments closely match our strengths and capabilities.

Meet Our Executive Team

Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our executives work from London but travel to wherever they are needed. Chromozome reaches out to its clients to provide close support and add value to their businesses.


Chromozome Consulting are operational domain experts that specialise in Derivatives, Collateral, Clearing, Risk and Optimisation, with decades of markets experience and 360° knowledge of functional, operational and systems modelling derived from a multitude of client infrastructures across both buy and sell side firms of sizes ranging from Global leader to boutique.

We are uniquely placed to provide Strategy, Assessments and Health Checks, target operating model development, Change Management, RTB, BAU, Vendor Selection and implementation services to empower you to optimise your operations and realise advanced operational and systems readiness.

Collateral Lifecycle

With Collateral becoming so central into firms pricing and profitability, ensuring the businesses strategy are aligned and linked to the operating and systems models has never been more essential. In such efforts where “the detail” is everything, we are uniquely placed to assist in your development of a truly lean and optimised target operating model and systems by approaching the problem with the required expertise, in a marketplace where everything counts.

Collateral Optimisation

The Regulatory Change is squeezing operating margins, increasing cost and complexity of meeting new capital and reporting standards. To compete in this evolving market and protect margins, businesses from the buy and the sell side need to adapt and elevate their operational and systems capability to provide relief from the elevated costs by efficiencies in:

- A global, clean, consolidated view of positions and inventory/portfolio
- Operational efficiencies leading to collateral trading opportunities
- Economies of scale by consolidation of margin calls
- Management of eligible collateral
- Maintenance of required liquidity
- Enhanced Rehypothecation and eligible asset tracking
- Collateral Netting


Clearing Services

With OTCs move to the new central clearing counterparty model with its significant changes to operations, we assist Buy and Sell side firms have overcome these challenges including:

- Initial and Variant Margin calculation
- Trade Back loading
- Order Management and Clearer feeds
- Eligible Collateral (Bonds/Cash/Other)

System Vendor Selection and Implementation

We will support you to successfully realise change to your Collateral and Clearing processes, so as to benefit from the significant investment and metamorphosis regulatory transformation requires. We help I clients manage this change as well as to turn this change into a competitive advantage. Within such a complex rewrite of your operating model selecting and deploying the “best fit” systems and processes are key to your success.

Vendor Selection

In determining whether to buy or build, correctly weighting vendor offerings, options and digging deeper to perform in minutia due diligence, rather than accepting information at face value, makes all the difference. Gaining a clear definition of a 5+ year strategy and the architecture of the infrastructure to support it, are also essential to determining which vendors match your requirements not just for today but to deliver systems and operational readiness for your corporate vision and future state architecture.

Chromozome Consulting are veterans at the preparatory and vendor section process, having successfully facilitated this at a multitude of firms across the Asset Management and Investment Banking sectors. Our service is a blend of business subject matter expertise, detailed knowledge and relationships with all the major vendors in the sector, yet an independence that guarantees a best of breed resolution.


Many vendor systems offer near-complete automation for internal post-trade processing. Vendor system capabilities and functionality vary considerably, particularly in areas beyond core processing. Analytics, forecasting, scenario analysis, collateral prioritization and optimization and limits monitoring are meaningful differentiators.


Our service manages both the implementation and the vendors to ensure successful system go-live and transition into production, within the proposed project budget and timeframes. Because of the complexity of implementing technologies overall project success is improved with the aid of specialized subject matter experts. Chromozome can ensure technologies will meet the overall organization’s needs by overseeing day to day vendor design and planning activities, along with addressing new business process implementation, and change management throughout the organization.



Chromozome Consulting designs and delivers financial product training, offering a dynamic blend of instructor-led and case-study based discussion, tailored to suit clients’ educational requirements. Our clients include Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Vendors, Law Firms and Regulators. Our trainers have extensive and relevant markets expertise in Collateral, Clearing, Operational Risk, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Capital Markets advisory and legal.

Popular courses:

- “Understanding”- functional areas covering Collateral, Clearing, Operational Risk, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Capital Markets advisory and legal.
- “Bigger picture” - how functions interact, their inter-dependencies and understanding where change might cause unexpected impacts
- “Foresight” - Keeping up to date with changes in the market conventions and regulatory environment and future initiatives that are already tabled

Research and Development

Market Intelligence and Analysis

The Capital Markets sector is at the best of times an ever changing and fluid in nature. Since the 2008 crisis however, new regulation has produced an unprecedented amount of change across the industry. This is truer of Collateral and Clearing functions than any other area (with perhaps the exception of Regulatory Reporting) where Central Clearing has forced a complete rethink of firms sales, pricing and operating models. At such times of change the winning firms tend to have access to the following abilities:

- FORESIGHT – of developments and change in the market
- RECONNAISSANCE - a mechanism to reconnoitre the competitions strategies
- EVALUATION –informed measurement of performance where it matters
- BENCHMARKING –perceptive facility to measure or judge analogous indicators with your comparators

Market Analysis is a specialised skill that to appreciate any real value requires highly skilled and proficient expertise in both the technical and business domains, with a verified track record in peer group review and analysis. Our methodology is to fix the germane primary and secondary data points, identify and map the directly and approximately equivalent comparators, to generate a considerable volume of data for broad and more focussed analysis.

Finally the flair to collaborate with your organisation to interpret, infer, construe and deduce through analysis the pertinent insight and intelligence for either internal use or for publication, sales and marketing.


The Capital Markets sector is at the best of times an ever changing and fluid in nature. Since the 2008 crisis however, new regulation has produced an unprecedented amount of change across the industry. This is truer of Collateral and Clearing functions than any other area (with perhaps the exception of Regulatory Reporting) where Central Clearing has forced a complete rethink of firms sales, pricing and operating models. At such times of change the winning firms tend to have access to the following abilities:

Using our suite of templates and tools we are able to swiftly prototype metrics and KPI’s, allowing our combined review and assessment of their aptness and hence abridging timescales, to realising and implementing the most meaningful and suitable Key Performance Indicators. This enables us to identify operational bottle necks, opportunities for simplification, cost reduction and efficiencies. This fact based comprehension provides the stage from which you may validate your Target operating Model, Process



Chromozome is constantly looking to recruit Consultants from a broad range of business and IT backgrounds to help us find and implement solutions within a variety of critical financial services projects. At Chromozome we provide a challenging and rewarding place to work offering a strong environment for people to learn and grow.

Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of experience and skills making a dynamic and diverse place to work. We expect our staff to work with clients and colleagues as part of a team, to embellish the principles and ethics that our business is built upon and to treat everyone with equal respect. The result forms the basis of a fun, supportive company that values its people above all else.The candidates we are currently looking for must be professional, self-motivated, hard working original thinkers with excellent communication skills.

Candidates should also have a degree in mathematics, science, financial engineering; economics or an IT related degree. If you are ready to embrace this challenge, we want to hear from you.To apply please send a copy of your CV to careers@chromozome.co.uk


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